My family moved to Twin Falls last December. We've enjoyed our time here, but I must admit there are many things that I wish I knew about Twin Falls before we decided to call this area home.

Before I disclose my list, I want to preface it by saying that every area I've lived in has its challenges. "Challenges" is the politically-correct word for saying some things suck and some don't.

Overall, we love southern Idaho, but here are the top 5 things I wish I had known beforehand.

5. If you weren't born here, some people will view you as an invader.

In general, this community has been very kind to my family. My kids like their school. Our neighborhood seems to be safe. But, there is a part of the population that seems to resent that we came here and invaded their space. It's better now that we have Idaho license plates, but there are still a few people I come in contact with that will act differently when they learn you aren't "from here". It's funny that I still get moments of resentment even though I'm not from California. For my California friends, I'm kidding. At least, I think I'm kidding.

4. People in southern Idaho drive like they're out for revenge.

I've lived in some states known for bad driving. But, in southern Idaho, it seems like most everyone is trying out to be an extra in the next "The Fast And The Furious" movie. Blue Lakes all by itself could be a case study in revenge. I have been flipped off by more people in southern Idaho than the rest of my driving years on Earth combined.

3. Nobody here wants to talk about Evel Knievel.

This is one of the biggest surprises for me. I have yet to talk to anyone who wants to talk about what Evel Knievel tried to do here back in 1974. I realize that I was a very naive 8-year-old when he tried to jump the Snake River Canyon in his skycycle. I have learned of some of the very bad things that were done by criminals during that period prior to and during the jump in Twin Falls. But, gee whiz, I have had people jump down my throat for simply mentioning the man's name. No wonder it's so hard for anyone that wants to come replicate this jump. Wow.

2. There are a ton of snakes here.

This one's on me. You would think that I would have realized that the Snake River Canyon is called that for a reason. I thought it was because it looked like a snake from space. Partially true maybe, but it's really called that because it has snakes in it. A lot of snakes. Just like Indiana Jones, I hate snakes.

1. Once people get to know you in southern Idaho, they will treat you like family.

This is one I wished I had known years ago. I would have moved here sooner if I did. While they may seem kinda standoffish at first, I have people here in southern Idaho that now act like they've known me my entire life. I've known me my entire life and even I would unfriend myself on Facebook if it were possible. So, Magic Valley, you must be very awesome if you can put up with me. Thanks.

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