There are 2 types of people on the roads of Twin Falls - those going too slow and those going too fast. I don't think there's an in-between group of those going the speed limit. Look at Blue Lakes.

Try driving through town going 35 and you'll either get stuck behind someone doing 25 or you'll have cars zipping by you making you feel like you should be going faster.

Which Streets in Twin Falls Do People Not follow the Speed Limit Most Often

That brings us to the list of 5 speed limits you are doing wrong in Twin Falls and Blue Lakes tops that list.

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    Blue Lakes - 35 mph

    If you have ever driven on Blue Lakes you get it. Some people think the speed limit is 45 and some think it is 25. Add in all the stop and go from lights and turning onto side roads (do not try to turn left) Blue Lakes is road rage waiting to happen.

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    Orchard Drive - 35 to 50 mph

    Orchard is a fun road to drive on because the speed limit is constantly changing! Next to Swensen's the limit is 35 all the way to Blue Lakes. This confuses some because it used to change to 45 by the LDS church. Not anymore, so slow down.

    Then after Blue Lakes heading past the Jalopy Jungle it jumps up to a whopping 50 mph. Don't get your hopes up though because at the next intersection and all the way past the Sugar Beet factory it drops down again to 35.

    But - here is how many drive it. 45 mph all the way across and then 60 into Kimberly..

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    Pole Line West Of Fillmore - 45 mph

    Here's another case of it used to be one way and we just didn't notice it had changed. The speed limit on Poleline has always changed from 35 to 45 but now that change happens around Dutch Bros instead of after the Washington light intersection.

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    Eastland and Poleline By The Temple - 35 mph

    I swear people think this is a racetrack corner. I've been driving by people going 35 all the way up Eastland and then right around the temple and into the curve they speed up to 45 or 50.

  • 5

    Washington Street/6th Ave W - 35 mph

    This section of road used to be 25 and I hated that it was so slow. Now they have bumped the limit to 35 and many people missed the memo (and the actual sign) and still drive like it's a school zone.

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