It has been nearly 5 months since 5-year-old Micahel Vaughan from Fruitland, Idaho has been missing. The community is still keeping their eyes open for any leads or information about where he could be. 

According to reports, Michael Vaughan was knocking on neighbors' doors looking for kids to play with when he went missing. Police are currently searching for a vehicle that was in the area that day, the person is not a suspect but rather, could have seen something to lead to more information. They are searching for a 2016-2020 white Honda Pilot that was in the area shortly after Micahel went missing

There is a $50 thousand dollar reward out for Michael, whose nickname is "Monkey". Authorities have searched neighbors' homes multiple times, every known sex offender has been looked at multiple times, dogs have been searching for the boy including in agricultural fields.

The Fruitland Police Department has brought in extra help from other agencies to continue the search for him. The parents have been looked at and questioned and they are doing everything they can to try and bring their son home.

Authorities have also searched many different bodies of water multiple times to no avail. Right now it is unclear if he could be in another state. If anyone has any information or leads you can contact the Fruitland Police Department at (208) 452-3001. It would be nice to have him home by Christmas.

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