There is so much to do around the area that we highly recommend. Here are some things that are just better to do around the Magic Valley when it is dark outside.

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    Hanging out in the hot springs

    I don't care if you are going to Miracle or hiking to a secluded hot spring in the middle of nowhere, there is something about doing it at night that is just better. It is so much more relaxing when you can sit there, look up at the night sky and appreciate the stars and the world around you.

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    I love camping so much, but I really thrive on camping nights. Cooking food over an open fire, enjoying each others company in the middle of nowhere, listening to the animals at night is so soothing. I could stay up all night while camping. Sure days are great for hiking, but the most fun happens in the dark by a camp fire.

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    Dinner along the canyon

    Whether it is Elevation or you grabbed fast food somewhere just to sit along the canyon rim trail, it is so much better to sit and eat dinner along the trail at night. The view of the canyon is spectacular during the day, but it has such a different ambiance in the dark.

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    Downtown Twin Falls

    I spend most of my time in Downtown Twin Falls during the day admittedly, but it can really come alive at night. There are always events going on in the restaurants on Main Street, you can bar hop, you can enjoy all the food. It is fun to walk up and down Downtown Twin Falls at night.

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    The Perrine Bridge

    Ok, this one may not actually be BETTER at night, but it is definitely a different sight. It is crazy how different things look with the absence of light. The Perrine Bridge is gorgeous along the canyon but the view at night is definitely different and deserves to be appreciated as well.

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    Back yards

    Sitting in your back yard is just better at night. Maybe a little firepit going that you are sitting by, maybe you have a hot tub or a pool. Maybe you are just laying in the grass looking up at the stars. Backyards are better at night.

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