We were pretty sad when Gerties ended up closing their doors. The pizza place has been around forever it seems. Now that huge building is sitting empty. It is a shame that someone hasn't taken it over yet and done something with it. We have a list of some ideas that would be great in the old Gerties building.


  • 1

    Indoor Go-Kart

    That space is big enough for some indoor go-karts! And with it being two stories you could make it even more epic! Have the track go between both floors so you go up and down hills. That would be so much fun.

  • 2

    Indoor water slides

    Admittedly it wouldn't be very big but it could still be fun! It could make money year-round because it is indoors and it could be a great way to enjoy family time.

  • 3

    Bumper cars

    Nothing says family fun like trying to smash your kids, siblings, or parents in a car surrounded by air and rubber.

  • 4

    Paintball Arena

    I have never been paintballing but I think the old Gerties building could be fantastic for it. Again, with it being two stories tall there are so many places to hide.

  • 5

    Local Entertainment Venue

    A place where all the local music talent can perform. Think like a mic night, local poetry reading, that kind of thing. Have food available, make it an experience.

  • 6

    Ninja Warrior Course

    Make a ninja warrior course for kids and adults. Make sure that there is lots of padding and safety but everyone has sat down and seen an obstacle course and thought to yourself, oh that is easy. Well, it would be fun to see how easy it actually is.

  • 7

    Rage Room

    We need a place where we can go in, smash a bunch of stuff and let out our aggression. In a rage room, there are old TVs or fragile things that you can spend 5 minutes just smashing whatever you can with a sledgehammer or bat. I would do it.

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