There are a lot of things you have to get used to when you move to Idaho. There are some things that only those who grew up in Idaho really understand. There terms and conditions apply when moving to Idaho.


  • 1

    Use landmarks for directions

    Sometimes you just have to learn how to explain where someone needs to go by "turn left where the silos are, if you see the giant rock with the pole in front of it you have gone too far".

  • 2

    Camo can be worn on any occasion

    There is a camouflage outfit for every occasion. Hunting, fishing, hiking, weddings, funerals, birthday parties, engagement parties. No one thinks twice.

  • 3

    Learn what "Up South" means

    Going up to the South Hills is a lot of fun. If someone says they are going up south for the weekend, chances are they are camping.

  • 4

    Best city is the one made of rocks

    Idahoans aren't big on the big city life. Boise is big, but it isn't even that big. The best city to get away to is the one made of rocks. The City of Rocks is a lot of fun to explore.

  • 5

    Don't say "There's Nothing to do here"

    Chances are if you say that you just don't like nature all that much. You kind of have to like nature to like Idaho.

  • 6

    Fry sauce is king

    Fry sauce is delicious and we dip everything in it.

  • 7

    Haul it in, haul it out

    Please don't litter. If you take something camping with you, take it out. Don't leave trash everywhere, don't destroy things, don't vandalize. Leave it better than the way you found it.

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