The 2020 holiday season is upon us. While most of us are annoyed at the inconveniences caused by the global pandemic, let us not forget that there are dozens of families throughout Idaho that have not seen or heard from members in a very long time.

I shared a story Monday morning (November 23) that detailed the facts surrounding a missing Wendell teenage girl after being contacted by friends of the family. This 14-year-old, named Genevieve Brooks, hasn't made contact with her family in two weeks. These are the types of stories that people need to hear about as families prepare to gather for the holidays across the United States.

Being a father of two, if I were to have one of my kids go missing, I would never voluntarily lay my head on a pillow again until they were found. We see stories in the media weekly that contain images of the missing, and many people don't even bat an eye. My mother once described being a parent as a "twenty-four hour, prison sentence for the mind," and if you have children of your own that you truly care for, then you know us parents wouldn't have it any other way.

There are currently 23 Idaho individuals ranging in ages from seven to 70, that are listed on the Center for Missing And Exploited Children website. There are another 42 on the state Missing Persons Clearinghouse site. Some of these individuals may have recently returned home or been located, but the majority have not, which has no doubt left a large, unthinkable void, in the hearts and minds of those searching tirelessly for them.

I wish I had the time to include all 65 active profiles. For now, here are just a small fraction of the missing. Please come forward if you have any information that could bring closure to the families.

Idaho Missing

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