For 70 years now the state of Idaho has had a face to match to one of its top food exports. One 1930s model may have earned that title two decades before the state began officially keeping record.

Anyone who says the modeling industry is an easy paycheck has probably never been naked, up to their neck in potatoes. The crowning of Miss Idaho is a tradition that dates back to 1950, according to records kept on the official state website. The potato is what pops into a lot of people's minds when the state comes up in conversation, and it should seeing as one out of every six rows of potatoes are shipped out of state.

If you Google the words "Miss Idaho" and "Potato" together," several references mentioning an alleged model in 1935 will come up. The photo definitely could pass for one of the thirties time period, and the fact this woman appears naked and has spuds in areas the average human isn't accustomed to, does make it believable that she could have taken place in a contest representing the Gem State.

One of the websites her image appears on (with no explanation as to who she is) is YouTube. She was featured in a video titled, "24 Strange Beauty Queens and Pageants From The Past," which was uploaded to the site in October of 2017. She is the last model featured on the list.

My research was unable to uncover this beauty's name who may have been one of the earliest Idaho spud vixens. Maybe you'll have better luck solving this mystery.

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