Sara Walton Brady can attend the Governor’s Ball without a security clearance!  She’s no longer a playground moll.  You may recall she spent some time in jail and earned a mugshot because she took her kids to a park.  During the so-called pandemic.  She and some friends took the tykes to the playground to get some exercise and socialization after being cooped up inside.  You may also recall, Governor Brad Little had turned Idaho into one giant state prison as COVID scorched the land, though.  Even the most hysterical scientists and scolds at the time were saying young children weren’t at any serious risk.

For challenging the Emperor, cops came along, cuffed Brady, stuffed her into a car, and drove her to the lockup.  Her kids were left behind.  But hey, to quote the Nuremberg defendants, they were only following orders.

In less than three years, one of the state’s most dangerous women has spent 30,000 dollars in legal fees.

Then along came a new State Attorney General.  He told Sara she was free!  Before Raul Labrador was elected in November, I asked him about the case and he explained he couldn’t answer because if he won, he would be in the middle of the action.  I know him well enough to know how much he thought the prosecution of Brady was a waste of time, an unnecessary expense, and just plain silly.

It dragged on because a guy in the Governor’s office won’t admit he’s fallible and can’t bring himself to say he’s sorry.  Consider Litte just wrapped up his last campaign.  Maybe he can finally exhibit some humility and apologize to Brady at his inaugural ball.  According to her social media profile, she’s already picked out a dress.  It’s not the blaze orange he preferred but he can “man up” and tell her it’s a fine color.

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