The Magic Valley Speedway is our own little NASCAR track in the Magic Valley and races are rolling on the weekends. The 2020 season began in early May and races have happened each weekend since then with the exception of one race due to weather. The races are always loud and exciting. Even when spectators are social distancing, the cars are definitely not. Paint scrapes are the name of the game and some people travel the states to see the best races.

Gary Scarsdale is clearly a fan of races as his YouTube channel is full of race videos and playlists. One of those videos is from a few weekends ago at the Magic Valley Speedway. I don't know if Gary is from Southern Idaho or if he travels to races since he also just posted a track video from Wild Bill's Raceway, a dirt track in Utah.

During the first weekend of July, the normally load raceway will become even more loud as the races play out and the fireworks explode. On, July 3rd the Magic Valley Speedway schedule will include the Mod, Mini, and Stinger Doubles, Streets, Bombers, Hornets, Deckers, and the always awesome Trailer Race Of Destruction. Fireworks will happen after the races.

If you really love the Speedway and want to be part of the action, they are currently looking for a videographer to record races each weekend.

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