Apparently these booms have been going on for years around the area. Another one happened Tuesday night around 11 p.m. This time, we may have a possible explanation for the occurrence.

People from all over the Magic Valley were talking about hearing and feeling the booms, from Filer to Murtaugh, Jerome and Twin Falls. Some people even said this boom from Tuesday night felt different. It was louder, it was longer and it sounded more like an explosion rather than the rumbling it has been described as before. Either way, it looks like we may have some kind of explanation, even if it is just for the boom from Tuesday.

booms explained fixed

This totally makes sense. Now, it doesn't hold up to the theory that the booms are coming from the Mountain Home Air Force Base or the bombing range, but it is still pretty solid information.

Here is what a bunch of you had to say:

This appears to be from someone who lives near Juniper Butte and has first hand knowledge. But, does this conclusively explain the booms? Probably not.

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