The Idaho tourism people just released a new video about Northern Idaho. If this video is to believed, there are a disproportionate amount of horses there.

I counted somewhere between a total of 15 to 20 people in this video. Compare this to the 200 horses that make an appearance, and you get the idea that you better be an equestrian if you plan on moving up north.

Here's the description of the video from Visit Idaho:

North Idaho is best known for its scenic views, snow-capped mountains and crystal clear waters. There are plenty of great family-friendly adventures to try during the summer. See for yourself!

After watching the video, I'm convinced this is false advertising. Not one mention of horses. This is odd considering that Idaho is #1 in number of horses per capita. No lie. It's true.

We even make horses fill out census forms, according to the Idaho Horse Council.

Bigger problem. Now, I get to explain to my boss why I had enough time to count the number of people in an Idaho horse tourism video.

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