Moving to a new state can be one of the scariest experiences a person endures. Overtly attempting to fit in is not only painfully obvious, but it's also many people's downfall.

As 2023 proceeds on, I have no doubt that more and more out-of-staters will be looking to take advantage of lower living costs in Idaho and proceed to uproot themselves and their families. Idaho finished 2022 once again as a top state that many Americans moved to, but in recent years, Texas has carried the transplant torch to new heights, according to U-Haul statistics.

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I've driven a U-Haul both in and out of Idaho. More than any other state in America, Idahoans might possess the most fervent disliking toward transplants than all others, and this isn't based on any personal belief. Most Idahoans will gladly offer up this opinion if you ask them, and it's a hard pill for some to swallow.

The majority of people I've met that were born in another state are trying so hard to project an image of unwavering, natural-born Idaho citizenship that I can't help but shake my head when it's presented. I don't get this misanthropic attitude toward one's home state that seems to develop instantly once a Gem State driver's license is obtained; maybe fear is factoring into this equation.

If you're going to move to Idaho, just act like a fellow American, and don't be afraid to tell people you're new to fry sauce and finger steaks. I think Idahoans will respect you more if you do. Much like any state, there are great people in Idaho, and there are also those that do label migrant neighbors as a problem.

Most importantly, get yourself a kayak if you're planning to start paying Idaho taxes soon, because the state's lakes and scenic beauty are hands down the best thing about living here.

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