While we're all gearing up for the 2014 Academy Awards, there's a different sort of long-standing awards tradition that took place over the weekend: the Razzie Awards, which honors the best of the worst in film in each year. And this year M. Night Shyamalan and Will Smith's 'After Earth' and the celeb-heavy ensemble anthology comedy 'Movie 43' took home the most prizes with three awards each. 

The Razzie Awards are a pretty divisive ceremony, handing out awards to what they consider to be the worst in film each year. The 34th annual awards were held this year (yeah, we can hardly believe it, either), and 'After Earth' and 'Movie 43' topped out with three awards each -- with the latter taking home awards for Worst Screenplay (19 credited writers), Worst Director (13 credited directors), and Worst Picture. If the people behind the Razzies had seen more films last year, surely they could have picked something more deserving. But this is why the Razzies are divisive -- just like any awards ceremony, they're going for high profile stuff, not the most deserving of the award itself.

'After Earth' took home awards for Worst Supporting Actor for star Will Smith, and his son Jaden was named Worst Lead Actor, while the pair of them were also given the award of Worst Screen Combo.

Tyler Perry was also given an award for Worst Actress for his eighth time playing Madea in 'A Madea Christmas,' while Kim Kardashian was given the award for Worst Supporting Actress in Perry's 'Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor' (and okay, that one was deserved). And finally, Disney's 'The Lone Ranger,' which bombed big time at the box office, was given the award for Worst Remake/Rip-Off or Sequel -- which feels like they were just reaching to give that movie hell for something.

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