American McGee has a new Kickstarter project that needs your help! Were you a fan of Alice, Grimm, and Alice: Madness Returns? Then you'll want to hear all about Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.

This new game is going to be a free-to-play, action role-playing adventure with a story centered on Little Red Riding Hood's mythology, but with a Japanese folklore flavor. McGee promises a deep experience with jawdropping visuals, inspired by Japanese art. The look is somewhat reminiscent of Okami and adds a lot of flair to the game.

According to the About The Game section on the Kickstarter page, Akaneiro's combat is, "fast and unrelenting, but you can sway the tide with careful selection of abilities and equipment. A multitude of character building paths are available, though we've avoided being overly prescriptive, ensuring you can find the best balance of abilities and equipment for your personal play style."

Spicy Horse plan to release Akaneiro: Demon Hunters for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. They've already held a closed beta and will enter open beta for the PC and web versions this month. The aim of the Kickstarter project is to fund a release for Android and iOS tablets, with a goal of $200,000. As of this writing, the pledged funds stand at $5,000, meaning they'll have a long way to go for the next 29 days.

Along with the tablet versions, they want to add co-operative multiplayer, an equipment crafting system, and improved customer support. Other, less-highlighted additions would included more dungeons, expanded narrative elements, varied weapons, and other content that would beef up the experience.

Watch the video below to see if this is a game you'd be willing to back. And if you finding yourself wanting all of this to come to fruition, visit Akanerio: Demon Hunter's Kickstarter page to pledge your money.

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