I love America, I love my freedom, and I love living here!  However, after reading about the US Olympic Team's digs being made in China, I just did a quick inventory of my own clothing.  What I found is that every single article of clothing that I'm wearing says "Made In China."

Exhibit A:


Does America even make clothes?

It seems they do: All American Clothing does.

And they're prices don't seem too crazy.  I just never pay attention and I hardly ever buy clothes.  And honestly, I've got bills to pay and that's my reality.  Or maybe those are just poor excuses?

When it comes to the Olympics; the opening ceremonies and the uniforms each country wears is supposed to reflect that country's past, present, future, and culture.  And you know what, maybe those uniforms do?


Let me break it down for you:

To me, the US Olympic uniforms say that American's tend to put brands at the forefront (Ralph Lauren) and that's it.  Lots of us wear things that have a great brand and seem to look OK, then throw it away after a month, because it's made of crappy material.  (Only I keep it, cause I'm not that lucky.)

American's work hard and are doing their damn best to get by with the hopes of better days.  To me, these uniforms say, "damn I hope we have better days, till then, I'll be wearing the cheapest, yet nicest crap I can afford!"

Now here's the real question: Since most of us DON'T wear clothing that is made in America, do you think we should have our US Olympic team wear US made clothing?

What about you?  Answer our poll: Where Are Your Clothes Made?

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