(KLIX)-Washington authorities have canceled the Amber Alert for a kidnapped child after the Spokane Valley area. Police said he was taken from his mothers home the morning of April 23. According to Idaho State Police, the Spokane County Sheriff was looking for 5-year-old Ethan Robertson, who was believed to be in danger after being taken this morning by his father.

Later in the day, it was reported that the suspect, 41-year-old Justin Robertson, and the boy were located at a residence near St. John, Wash. Law enforcement in Spokane said the boy was safe and uninjured, but the suspect remained inside the home. Law officers were still trying to negotiate with him.

Authorities say Robertson broke into his estranged wife's home early this morning, stabbed her and took the young child. Police said Tuesday morning the man had access to weapons but didn't know if he had any with him.

Spokane Valley is about 30 miles from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Suspect car:

Spokane Valley Sheriff's Office