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If you’re planning a holiday party and need some of the planet’s best eggnog but live in Twin Falls, cheer up!  I mentioned in I story I wrote earlier this week that I was in Buhl and took an opportunity to stop at CloverLeaf Creamery.  I picked up some bottles of the legendary eggnog.  I’m happy to note, I don’t have to drive 14 miles for my next fix.

The farm store on Pole Line Road has eggnog, however.  It’s going to be closing before Thanksgiving for the season.  You can stock up in advance, of course, or you can find it at the old Swenson’s in Twin Falls.  The store is located at Addison Avenue and Washington Street.  I should note, there’s a caveat here.  It tends to sell out quickly but periodically, new deliveries arrive.

I’ve been a lifelong drinker of eggnog.  Some people simply don’t like it and tell me it must be an acquired taste.  No, it’s not!  It tastes like a milkshake.  You can now find varieties of the drink in some stores.  Last week I saw a pumpkin-flavored variety and I’ve seen some unusual concoctions over the years.  I also know some people who make their own at home.  I’ve tried that.  I’m going to leave the work up to CloverLeaf.

A couple of years ago I did an informal survey on social media and asked people to recommend what they like best.  Fans of the drink in southern Idaho said it was hands down CloverLeaf.  I then did a taste test on all the recommendations.  The wisdom of the crowd was the winner.

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