Last night we got our first dosage of ‘America’s Got Talent‘ in a while, but did the nation love what they saw? We’ll find out who stays and who goes in tonight’s results show.

The show starts off with a surprise appearance by Gabby Douglas, the two-time gold medal winner at this year’s London 2012 Olympics. She pretty much co-hosts with Nick Cannon throughout the duration of the broadcast. It’s cute how visibly nervous she is reading the cue cards placed at the side of the cameras.

And next thing you know it’s time to see who gets eliminated first. The first three possible victims to be brought out on stage are the bell ringer Cast In Bronze, the stylish dance group Academy of Villains and the decent rock band Reverse Order. Right off the bat they tell us who’s making it to the next round — which happens to be Academy of Villains, naturally. All of the judges are happy with the decision, claiming that the Academy of Villains dance group were “on top of their game.” Well, compared to the other two on stage at that point it was an obvious choice. Then they soften the first elimination blow by debuting footage for Justin Bieber’s new music video ”As Long As You Love Me.” We’re also disappointed that it didn’t include the Backstreet Boys with that title right there.

Next up on stage aren’t contestants but some people who’s already won in her own way. We’re talking about the group Karmin, a singer/musician duo that was discovered on YouTube. They perform a couple of songs for the audience which include “Hello” and “Brokenhearted.” The audience is entertained and the show moves on.

Hey look, it’s another elimination! They bring out the dance group 7 in Unison, Bria Kelly and the very eccentric-looking illusionist Rudy Colby. You know who made it? Bria Kelly of course. Between all of the people that performed during last night’s episode she was only one of two who really fit and in our minds were worthy enough to move towards the next round. “I truly believe that America got it right” says Howie Mandell. We believe that she can definitely hold out on the semifinals with her spirit and talent.

Without any pause or commercial break in between eliminations, they move onto the next batch and bring out comedian Melinda Hill, Eric Buss – who loves the mixed nut gags – and The Magic of Puck. Tough decision, mainly because neither of these three were really too impressive, but moving to the next round is The Magic of Puck. “I worked so hard for this… it just feels great.” We love how excited he is to advance but he really needs to expand his magic act if he wants to even be considered to make it into the final round.

Surprise! Guess who the YouTube celebrity guest happens to be? Why it’s none other than Randall, the same guy made famous for his wonderful commentary he did over a National Geographic documentary on honey badgers. After his brief appearance it’s time to deal with the last trio of contestants which includes Clint Cavallo & His Extreme Parrots, singer Drew Erwin and Dance Romeo Cheetah the air guitarist. Right off the bat the nation decided that Dance Romeo Cheetah is a waste of their time and give him the boot. But it’s up to the judges to make the right decision, let one of these two move forward. They must really love animals, or believe that one singer is enough to advance to the next round, because Clint Cavallo & His Extreme Parrots make it. What an odd and interesting choice.

If you want to see who will make it to the next round be sure to check out ‘America’s Got Talent’ next Tuesday at 8 PM.

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