Want to know which one of the wild cards was able to make it to the semi-finals and which ones were forced to go home? Well you can find that out in tonight’s results episode of ‘America’s Got Talent‘ as the lot of hopefuls bite their nails, waiting impatiently to see if they pass.

The results show is formatted the same as previous ones where filler professional performances are sprinkled in between eliminations in order to hit the hour mark. They bring us through the heart tugging stories of each one of the contestants and how happy they are to get a second chance. If we had it our way, we’d let Sebastien “El Charro De Oro,” Andrew De Leon, Jake Wesley Rogers and Todd Oliver move forward. Let’s see if that becomes a reality or not.

Sebastien “El Charro De Oro,” Bandaz Brothers and Ben Blaque are the first three to be brought up to the now terrifying stage. Why terrifying? Cause only one of these acts is going to the semi-finals. The lucky contestant is Sebastien! We’re absolutely ecstatic that he made it, but we do feel bad for those who had to suffer through a second elimination.

So who wants to see Bring It On: The Musical? Well, we weren’t aware there was a musical to the comedy, but now there’s proof. They perform a couple of songs and a couple of stunts. It’s entertaining enough to pass the time, but that’s pretty much it.

It’s nail biting time because the next three that are out for possible elimination include Horse, Jake Wesley Rogers and Andrew De Leon. We aren’t big fans for Horse but — darn it — we hate that a couple of our favorite singers are pitted against each other. In a slight surprise, Andrew De Leon manages to move to the next round. We’re super bummed to see Jake Wesley Rogers go home again so we hope at this point a record company wises up and gives him the chance to be out on stage for many to see soon.

The next three to step out are Todd Oliver, Cristin Sandau and Spencer Horsman. We hate it when viewers at home had to go through such tough decisions! We love the hell out of our young escape artist (Spencer Horsman) and the dog ventriloquist (Todd Oliver) but only one can stay. In the end America took it upon themselves to vote Todd Oliver in. Yeah, his act is definitely Las Vegas-material and we dig it.

Another performance! This time it’s from Owl City and Carly Rae Jenson to dish out his new song “Good Time.” But once the surprisingly long performance is over it’s time to see who gets the last slot for the semi-finals. Lindsey Norton, Jarrett & Raja and the clogging dance group All That! are the last trio to face elimination. In typical fashion, America chooses who will be given the boot which happens to be Jarrett & Raja. Between the two left, it would make sense if All That was pushed out of the competition. And now it’s the judges turn to figure out who they want to keep. Howard decides to go with All That! while Howie goes with Lindsey Norton, therefore making Sharon the tie breaker. Of course she chooses All That! which makes us a little sad. We wish that they put Jake Wesley Rogers in that trio, he probably would’ve had a better shot at being selected for the semi-finals.

Even though our predictions of who would make it weren’t entirely correct, we’re still curious to see how everyone does in the semi-finals. The latest rounds of ‘America’s Got Talent’ start up next week, so stay tuned.

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