Didn't get enough Ron Burgundy last month with 'Anchorman 2'? Well, Ron, Brick, Champ and Brian are coming back to theaters this month with an extended, R-rated cut that promises 763 new jokes. It's like watching an all new 'Anchorman' movie!

Last year, director Adam McKay teased an extended 'Anchorman 2' cut, saying:

We did so much improv on this one that we can literally replace every single joke in the movie and put in alt scenes and alt improv runs. I think the editor’s working on it right now, with 250 new jokes. I think it would be really funny to put it in theaters for midnight showings. I know that I personally, if I loved a movie and someone told me that, like if Airplane! had been released with all-new jokes, I’d be like, ‘you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!’ I’d see it in a second.

Well, they did better than those 250 new jokes with a reported 763 new jokes. That pretty much works out to alternate takes of all the jokes in the original version. Whether these jokes are better or worse (or just as good) is up to you. The film will also be longer with all this new content, but exactly how extended the new movie is remains to be seen.

The new 'Anchorman 2' cut will open in theaters on February 28 and run for just one week only, so if you're planning to go, you might want to go early so you don't miss out. If you do miss out, we'll be that this R-rated version will also be included on the upcoming 'Anchorman 2' DVD and Blu-ray, which is expected to hit stores in April.

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