Is your boss really a Hannibal Lecter that has bodies hidden under his porch? If his or her profession is on this list, that is a definite possibility.

The CBC website broke down the jobs that are most likely to be occupied by a psycho killer. The person you might want to be the most afraid of is the head honcho cause CEO is the #1 job most likely to be occupied by a psychopath.

#2 is not a big shock as it's lawyers (sorry legal eagles). But, I should cast no psycho stone as radio DJ is #3. If this were on the radio, I would follow up that statement with some evil laughter.

Salesperson is #4 followed closely by surgeon at #5. Oh, good. The person holding the scalpel could be evil.

What about the good side? Jobs with the least number of crazy killers include care aids, teachers and nurses. They obviously didn't scan the lady that gave me my last physical.

Check out the full CBC list and see if you have reason to be worried at your job.

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