Here we go. Along with the warmer weather, comes the increased frequency with which area dog owners open their front doors to the world, with a dog leash in hand. Now, whether or not they use them, is another thing.

Nothing irks me more than to see loose dogs running down the Twin Falls neighborhood I live in. Just this past Sunday, as I was checking the oil in my car, here comes Captain Careless, sweating profusely, trying to keep up with his loose Boxer. I had the driver's side door open, and the dog proceeded to actually jump into my car. But hey, I should have known better than to leave it ajar in my own driveway...right.

Instead of smacking this person across the face with a large, wet fish (like I would have loved to have done), I told him what an attractive animal he had instead, and asked him to use the friggin leash he was carrying in his right hand. The dog was corralled by a motorist further down the street who had to open the door of their car to grab said Boxer's collar.

This is not an anti-dog rant. I own a dog, and I take the necessary precautions to make sure my dog isn't roaming freely and potentially causing problems for other people, or even worse, injuring someone. I see too many dogs running free in Twin Falls, and when they start jumping in my car--in my own driveway--it becomes quite bothersome.

I'm also not a fan of "off-leash times." Cities like Boise still have a number of off-leash park times, where it's still okay to allow dogs to roam freely. They help chase geese away they say, who are destroying the parks with their pooping. Well, what about the families that would like to enjoy a trip to the park without having to deal with someone else's animal bothering them.

As I sat at my desk writing this very story--looking out a large window onto Park Avenue--I watched two Twin Falls Animal Control officers trying to unsuccessfully capture a pair of free-roaming dogs.

My advice, if you don't know where your dog is right now, or have a habit of letting your pet off its leash because you think your animal isn't capable of disobeying you, then try to find a more suitable owner. Do us all a favor.

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