Announcing you have had over 2 billion downloads and 200 million active monthly players means that everyday is a good day for the Angry Birds team over at Rovio Entertainment.

According to Mobile Entertainment, Rovio CMO, Peter Vesterbacka, announced at the Pocket Gamer Connects conference Angry Birds is shaping up to be a large part of pop culture rivaling the likes of Mickey Mouse and Coca-Cola. Versterbacka stated that with over 200 million active players engaging with the various forms of Angry Birds each month, Angry Birds has a fanbase larger than the entirety of Twitter itself.

Vesterbacka also stated the success of Angry Birds, despite its relatively fast spread over the past four years, came at great cost. Rovio had released 51 game applications before creating the Angry Birds, with most of their titles having low-to-mid level sales compared to the rest of the mobile gaming market. With over 45 percent of Rovio's entire revenue coming from physical merchandise and products, it's safe to say your favorite pig-hating birds aren't going to be crashing anytime soon.

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