The saga continues in Angry Birds Star Wars II: Rise of the Clones. Get ready for more lightsabers, blasters and Force powers, oh my.

Rovio updated its Angry Birds Blog (say that a bunch of times fast), with news about the release of the Rise of the Clones update. They've even provided a nifty little trailer, shown above, that gives you a glimpse of what to expect when you're raining down birds on planets like Kamino and the sprawling city of Coruscant.

There are 40 new levels in all, so you'll have quite a time tapping and dragging your way through the update, fighting for either the Light Side or the Pork Side of the Force. We're pretty sure they meant to say "Dark Side," but "Pork Side" is actually kinda punny.

The update is available now for iOS, so go download it and start experiencing the next chapter in the Angry Birds Star Wars II saga. Head to the blog to enter a contest for a chance to win some high-quality prints and Telepods.

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