Could we be heading into an era full of swords and spells with the next Angry Birds title? Maybe this new teaser trailer will provide answers.

The 28-second trailer above is all sorts of enigmatic, but it promises to be "the most epic soft launch ever." We're used to launches when it comes to Angry Birds, given that we toss those little guys at hordes of pigs, but we've got no idea what Rovio means.

We do, however, get a bunch of close-up shots of a full suit of armor holding a broadsword. Presumably, a knight is inside the steel, but when the visor on the helmet goes up, we're met with the Red Bird. The little guy squawks at us before flying towards the camera.

Just what will this new Angry Birds game be? Perhaps it's tied to the tease that was sent out a month ago. Whatever it is, it will launch in Australia and Canada first, with the rest of the world to follow. We'll keep you updated as more information is made available, but enjoy the teaser for now.

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