The Angry Birds empire continues to grow, with Transformers slated to be the next great crossover game pitting small birds against gross green pigs. Rovio released a gameplay trailer for Angry Birds Transformers to give us a taste of what we can expect, and the game seems to be a lot deeper than we anticipated.

Angry Birds Transformers is part runner and part target shooting with Angry Birds and Transformers thrown in for good measure. From watching the trailer it looks like the common Angry Birds gameplay will come from strategically shooting structures with pigs on them as we run by, dodging other obstacles like falling columns and energy attacks. Some points will require us to transform into a vehicle in order to move faster, but we can't figure out if we'll control the transforming or if the AI will do it on its own.

Perhaps this new crossover game will be more than we thought it was. We admit we were a bit put off by the terms "AutoBirds" and "DeceptiHogs," but after watching this gameplay trailer we can see ourselves having a bit of fun with Angry Birds Transformers. We'll find out when the game launches Oct.15 on iOS and Oct.30 on Google Play.

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