When you think of two franchises just begging for a good crossover, odds are Angry Birds and Transformers probably weren't very high on your list. Still, judging by the trailer, this unlikely combination may prove to have the Touch just yet.

This '80s-infused trailer shows nothing of actual gameplay, but gives fans an idea of the goof-filled tone Rovio is going for with this bird/bot crossover, as well as establishing the basic story: the EggSpark has crashed onto Piggy Island, transforming everything around it into, well, Transformers. Now the Autobirds will have to wage war to destroy the evil forces of the Deceptihogs.

Angry Birds' other major multi-franchise crossover, Angry Birds Star Wars, followed the usual formula (with a few Jedi-flavored wrinkles added in for good measure), so we can probably expect this new Angry Birds to continue doing what it does best: giving players countless levels in which to throw furious fowl at pugnacious pigs.

There's no word on pricing for Angry Birds Transformers, but we do know that it will arrive on October 15th for mobile devices everywhere.

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