Some things just don't need promoting. Death By Chocolate 2018, an event put on by the Rotary Club of Twin Falls, will once again be the sweetest way possible to start the month of February in the Magic Valley.

The rotary club's website even has the official time clock counting down to their February 1st event, one that is expected to again attract a large crowd.

"It usually draws between seven hundred and a thousand people," said General Manager Richard Berger, of the Canyon Crest Events Center. "The rotarians have really been nailing it with this one."

Death by Chocolate will not only include heaping helpings of most people's guilty pleasure, but will be a great opportunity to help raise money for area charities. Students from The College of Southern Idaho's culinary program will also be participating in this year's event, as will many others.

"There will again be in the area of a dozen local purveyors on hand," said Berger. The event will again be broken up into five categories, including candy, cake and what is referred to as unique."

For more information on this year's Death By Chocolate, Thursday, February 1st at the Canyon Crest Events Center, contact Jill Skeem of the Twin Falls Rotary Club, at 208-320-2786.


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