Youtube; Travels of Z

Whether it's the Snake River Canyon or the Perrine Bridge, Evel Knievel's old jump site or Shoshone Falls, travel vloggers have been stopping off in Twin Falls regularly over the past couple of years to highlight some of southern Idaho's most marvelous features.

In this most recent upload to YouTube, a tourist who has named his vlog page, "The Travels of Z," stopped in Twin Falls for a spell to check out the sites. I must say, the vlog is of the utmost quality as far as camera work and editing, and also includes a pretty awesome "Indiana Jones-esk" opening at a minute and twenty seconds in.

In the video, the vlogger visits one of the homes in Franklin County where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed. He then moves onto some base jumping at the Perrine Bridge, and also includes stops at Shoshone Falls and Idaho Joe's, in Twin Falls.

To watch the video CLICK HERE.

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