Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to another Twin Falls restaurant. Pandora's Legacy will have to close its doors permanently, through no fault of its own.

Pandora's Legacy in Twin Falls Closing Its Doors

Pandora's Legacy made the announcement on their Facebook page that they will have to close the doors permanently. Despite the fact that they are doing well, they made it through some of the hardest times over the last few years, but their lease is not being renewed. That isn't something they can control. I am not sure why the lease is not being renewed nor do I know what might take its place. I will say I am incredibly sad to see it go.

You Can Get The Delicious Food For A Little While Longer

Pandora's Legacy stated they will remain open until April 2nd. You will be able to go inside and eat and enjoy until then. From April 2nd through April 16th you will only be able to get takeout. Get it while you can.

More Information About Pandora's Legacy

They are located at 233 5th Ave S in Downtown Twin Falls. They have a pretty extensive menu from soups and salads to steak and pasta. If you have never given them a try now is your chance. It is homemade and delicious high-quality food. I am so sad to see it go. They have been open for about 4 years now.

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