For those of you that have driven along Caswell Avenue or Fillmore Street in Twin Falls in recent days, you may have noticed something new is being built in the Fred Meyer lot. This corner of the lot near where the two streets intersect, which has played host to the annual Trick or Treat on Bish's Street event for years, has been for sale for quite a while.

I first started looking into this matter when I saw construction begin in late July. The staff at Fred Meyer has been in the dark for the most part concerning what business will be sharing the large space with them, according to a handful of employees I've asked during runs to the store. I reached out to City Engineer Mark Holtzen recently, and he filled me in on a few things.

"It's not a city project," said Holtzen. "It's my understanding an insurance company of sorts is coming to the location."

I attempted to reach him once again on August 13, but ended up speaking briefly to someone named Lori with the city engineer department.

"The only building permit we have on record is for the shell," she said. This basically means the new owner has paid for construction of the agreed upon foundation's square footage, but not provided complete details of what exactly will be occupying the space.

I inquired directly to one of two construction workers that pulled up in an unmarked white pickup truck to the site just before 1 p.m. on Tuesday (August 13). There was also a truck from Go-Fer It Express on site at the time. The man shared some further details with me.

"There are a few different businesses coming," he said. "An insurance building, an arcade, and a couple of others. It's going to be like its own small strip mall."

I reached out again to Mark Holtzen following our conversation to confirm this new information, but as of yet, have not received a response.

Maybe it's just the Stranger Things fan in me, but this is exciting news. Just the other day, my wife and I were having a discussion about how great it would be to get an arcade in Twin Falls. All I know is, the space being developed is certainly big enough to house multiple businesses.

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Greg Jannetta

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