There's a new trend on social media sites like Facebook: Couple Accounts.

It took me a while to get used to Social Networking, but now I love it! You can stay in contact with people all over the world without ever actually talking to them. There is one drawback to these sites though - sometimes you may not actually be talking to the person you think you are. Especially when couples have a joint account.

I have a few friends who have joint accounts with their wife and sometimes I'll have a conversation with them only to realize that the wife is writing me!

Are couple Facebook accounts a good idea? Why can't you have two separated accounts!? What if I am planning a surprise party and I don't want the other person to know?

I think a rule should be made now to ban these couple pages - it almost seems like deception sometimes! It will cut way back on miscommunications and ruined surprise parties.

What do you think?

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