I can't believe that people are already getting excited for the next Great American Eclipse. It isn't going to happen for another 28 years!

I don't plan ahead for anything really. My wife turns 40 this weekend - do I know what we are doing? Nope. There is no way I know what I'll be doing on Saturday, August 12th, 2045.

There is a lot of stuff that will happen before this next eclipse. Between now and then you'll have the chance to forget 28 wedding anniversaries, or you could start up a new family and see all of your children born, graduate college and get married. If you're lucky you'll even still be alive. Depending on what happens with the next few presidencies, there may not even be a clear sky to see the eclipse in.

Facebook comments are hilarious about the hype too:

Facebook Eclipse Excitement
Facebook Eclipse Excitement

Honestly - there were a lot of disappointed people after the last eclipse who thought that even though they weren't in the line of the total eclipse that they would still see a total blackout.

Not to be a Debbie Downer since the eclipse was cool and the shadows it caused were pretty awesome, but planning on being at the next Great American Eclipse seems just a bit premature.

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