When I'm not busy saying really stupid things in between songs on 98.3 The Snake, I am a full-on nerd. The nerd part of me convinced my wife that I needed a new laptop. The one I chose is the Asus GL502VM with one of those fancy new Intel processors. Here are my thoughts of this new toy work laptop.

First, a bit of history. I started working with computers back in 1987 when I got my first Commodore Amiga. I even had one of those doomed Coleco Adam computers in the early 1980's. It came with a cassette computer drive. With this kind of background, it's amazing that I didn't end up on The Big Bang Theory.

Back to the present day now. I do a lot of video work at the radio station, so my wife accepted my fictional account of why I needed this. The shiny toy I chose is the Asus GL502VM. I played around with the previous version of this laptop at the Twin Falls Best Buy. But, they didn't have the new Kaby Lake version last time I checked, so I grabbed this one off Amazon.

Overall, I really like this laptop. The new Intel CPU seems snappy and the Nvidia 1060 video card plays games great does a great job on my videos for work.

It has a matte screen, which is easy on the eyes, but the battery life kinda sucks. I have been getting a little less than 2 hours with the screen at full brightness.

The only real negative I've come across so far is the sound. It's awful. Even with the volume at 100%, it's wimpy. Perhaps I've listened to a few too many KISS songs over the years with my headphones cranked. I have no regrets.

If I were you, I'd go bug the Twin Falls Best Buy guys until they get one of these laptops out where you can play with it. So far, I love the thing even if the sound sucks eggs.

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