Screw March Madness, March Madness has only a few minutes of half-naked chicks here and there (the cheerleaders.)  There is a new tournament in town: 98.3 THE SNAKE’S BABE MADNESS!  It’s full of half-naked chicks, plus each time you vote you RACK up lots of points!  Get it? “Rack?”

Vote for whichever girl you think is the hottest. Each round will last 1 week, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 30th.

  • Round 1: March 19th – 24th
  • Round 2: March 26th – March 31st
  • Round 3: April 2nd – April 7th
  • Round 4: April 9th – 14th
  • Round 5: April 16th – April 21st
  • Finals: April 23th – 29th

Check out the bracket and then start voting! You will determine the hottest babe in 98.3 The Snake’s Babe Madness 2013!

Round 2!
Round 2!

PS: Each time you vote, you will get points. Be sure to rack up those points because in May you've got a chance to WIN CASH all month long!

Get MORE BABES here!

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