Back in 1987, one of the biggest news stories of the year was when BABY JESSICA fell down that well.  It was the ’80s.  We didn’t have Twitter.  The stories weren’t as good back then.

If you don’t remember, Jessica McClure was an 18-month-old who fell down a well in Midland, Texas.  It took rescue workers 58 hours to save her and the media coverage was enormous . . . especially for that era before the 24-hour news cycle.

At the time, America was infatuated with Baby Jessica and thousands of people donated money to a TRUST FUND for her.  A trust fund she couldn’t touch until she was 25.

Well . . . Jessica turned 25 over the weekend.  And she got the money . . . all $800,000 of it.  That’s right:  Because this girl’s parents didn’t pay close enough attention and she fell down a well in 1987, she now has a fortune.

Jessica is now married and a mother of two.  She still lives in Midland, Texas . . . less than two miles from the well.  She and her husband run a car washing business.  And when her kids play . . . she pays careful attention.

Via (Newser)

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