It’s not everyday that you get to see Mitt Romney smacked in the face with a hot dog or President Obama trounced with a balloon sword… Until now. Thanks to a new, free phone game called Vote!!!, you can see it every day. It might seem like they’ve lost sight of the point of democratic elections by making the two presidential candidates go toe-to-toe, but the folks at Epic Games could actually be on to something.

The smartphone game lets players compete as their pick for POTUS, and votes for the election are won by beating the crap out of your opponent — either Obama or Romney — with a bunch of comical, cartoonish items.

While this might seem to be somewhat distracting from the actual election this November, the game has joined forces with Video Game Voters Network and Project Vote Smart, so people who play the game can easily access actual voter resources and even register to vote.

Pretty smart — people go in as gamers looking for a little cartoon violence and come away legitimately registered voters. It looks like they might be furthering the cause of democracy after all. Check out a preview of the game below.

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