I'm sure there is some smart person somewhere that came up with the idea of the Electoral College for a good reason. In my opinion, it's a flawed way to elect our President. Now, a map of the US has been redrawn and it's more than a little interesting.

Neil Freeman is the guy that came up with this. Based on the most recent census, he divided the United States up into 50 equal states based on population. Hello, Idaho. Welcome to your new home as part of the state of "Salt Lake".

Neil lists the advantages of the new map on his site.

  • Preserves the historic structure and function of the Electoral College.
  • Ends the over-representation of small states and under-representation of large states in presidential voting and in the US Senate by eliminating small and large states.
  • Political boundaries more closely follow economic patterns, since many states are more centered on one or two metro areas.
  • Ends varying representation in the House. Currently, the population of House districts ranges from 528,000 to 924,000. After this reform, every House seat would represent districts of the same size. (Since the current size of the House isn't divisible by 50, the numbers of seats should be increased to 450 or 500.)
  • States could be redistricted after each census - just like House seats are distributed now.

The bad news? In the winter, we're now sharing a bear skin with your ugly cousin in Montana for heat. Oh, and you have to buy Christmas presents for all of the Osmonds. Good luck with that.

Admittedly, this will never happen. But, Neil's article is an interesting read on a somewhat compelling concept. If by some miracle this does happen, I am moving to the far south. That way I can tell everyone that I am from "Atchafalaya".

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