For many years Idaho has been a hot spot for UFO activity and sightings. We even hear about more of them here than at Area 51. In 2019 there were more than 100 unidentified flying object sightings over Idaho. Of course 2020 was a crazy year so Idaho made things even more weird by logging in more UFO sightings per capita than any other state. Spotting a true UFO is getting to be more of a task lately as the sky is being filled with thousands of new small lights from the Starlink Satellites. If you haven't seen the trail of new satellites as they find their new homes in the sky, you are missing out on a truly cool and weird sight.

While Idaho is a mecca for UFO's, Hawaii recently outdid us in the way they look. There was recently a beautiful blue UFO reported over Oahu. The light was caught on camera and then seemed to disappear into the ocean. Maybe a Hawaiian vacation for some alien family? Read about that UFO on the Hawaii News Now website.

The blue light UFO was pretty, but my favorite UFO sighting of all time still comes from here in Idaho. Last year, in June, there was a formation of at least seven lights that moved around and looked really cool near Pocatello. It looked like a dance of alien spacecraft on the horizon.

Weird Southern Idaho Sights From Space

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