Though they just worked together in ‘The Watch,’ it appears that Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill enjoyed it enough to come back for seconds. The duo are looking to make ‘Aloha’ with Shawn Levy directing, and Nicholas Stoller writing.

The script comes from an idea by Hill, says The Hollywood Reporter, and they mention little else about the project other than it is likely set in Hawaii. It would then be no surprise that Stoller would write it as his feature directing debut ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ was set mainly in Hawaii.

Hawaii has proved to be a great location for making movies, from ‘Sarah Marshall’ to the recent Oscar-winner ‘The Descendents,’ but it’s also been a place filmmakers like to go to because they get a free vacation out of filming there. Elvis Presley had a number of films set on the islands, and John Ford’s ‘Donovan’s Reef’ is a classic “Hey everybody, the studio’s paying for it” production.

Director Shawn Levy has attached himself to a number of projects recently, and is currently in production with ‘The Internship.’ He also worked with both Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill before on ‘Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.’

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