Personalized license plates. All states offer them for a nominal fee, but not all letter/number combinations are allowed, and it fact, most states have someone whose job it is to reject requests that are deemed too risque. And with new abbreviations making their way into everyday slang, it’s a constant battle.

In the state of Minnesota for example, Tom Evans is the supervisor of  the states Department of Public Safety’s special plate unit, and they spend time reviewing every possible three letter combination looking for questionable material.

“Any time there is an ‘F’ in the box, we have to look really close,” he said. “I would have never thought about WTF before.”

Evans also referred to combinations like KKK and LSD that would be rejected.  In another state, a woman in Virginia who is the proud mother of two girls who absolutely loved the color pink, had a plate that read “2INPINK” actually had that rejected, even after she had had the plate for 12 years. The woman, whose name is Dana Cobb, is appealing the state’s decision.

“I should have to relinquish something that’s innocent and precious to me, because they want to turn it into something that it’s no, and that’s what’s bothering me over this whole thing,” said Cobb. “I’ve seriously thought about putting in for a license plate that says ‘DMV SUX,’ to see if I could get that passed through, or would they deny that because I was being derogatory against the DMV?”

DMVSUX. I like that! I wonder if the dmv would frown on using STFU, or LMFAO, neither of which do I have any idea what they mean.

By Chris Kai

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