While legions of players are still stuck on that darn Father Gascoigne, YouTube user Oginam_tv (courtesy of Polygon) has blazed a bloody trail through Bloodborne, reaching the ending credits is just 44 minutes.

The speedrun video above features massive spoilers.

Oginam completes this run using the "Any%" method of speedrunning, which tasks the player with reaching the credits as fast as possible without using any external cheat devices or assist tools. In-game glitches are fair game, however, and that's how Oginam is able to get to the end of the game so quickly.

"This run makes use of a duplication glitch involving a second character's stash inventory," the video's description reads, "and a very early skip into a later part of the game (just jumping over a fence really)." Oginam then makes a crazy observation: "This was a pretty good run but I can certainly get faster." Basically this guy isn't done yet, and it's only a matter a time before he's watching the credits within 40 minutes or less.

Some may contest the legitimacy of this type of speed run, citing exploitation of said in-game glitches, but exploitation of the game in such a manner still requires extensive knowledge, skill in getting those glitches to activate and a little luck. Any random gamer cannot pick up a PS4 controller and beat Bloodborne in the time it takes to watch an episode of Game of Thrones. Glitch or not, there is certainly a high level of talent involved.

We salute you, Oginam_tv, and we look forward to your next speedrun.

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