The capital city of Idaho has seen its share of protesting and politically-driven coercion from groups of individuals attempting to create chaos as our country nears a transition of presidential power. A recent act of vandalism involving an area memorial honoring a victim of the Holocaust has gained national attention.

Boise has seen a rise in protesting of state enforced COVID-19 safety measures this week that has resulted in warrants being issued and arrests being made involving the intimidation of certain members of the city's health board. Groups of angry Idahoans have been gathering in protest outside certain member's homes, in which a few have been arrested for crimes ranging from trespassing to disturbing the peace.

Earlier this week, a Boise human rights memorial to Holocaust victim Anne Frank was peppered with images of swastikas, some reading messages of a threatening nature. "We Are Everywhere," was one such communication that was printed on a piece of paper and stuck to the South 8th Street statue, according to images shown by several Boise-area news sources. No arrests have been made in this matter as of yet.

On Tuesday, a city health board session was called early because of area protests that targeted specific member's homes. On November 13, Governor Brad Little moved Idaho back to Stage-2 of the COVID-19 rebound plan that some have viewed as a violation of rights and abuse of state power. Mask mandates continue to be enforced throughout the state.

Governor Little's December 10 press conference reiterated the need for the state to remain in Stage-2 for the time being.

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