I have already confessed that I'm a HGTV junkie. That's one reason it should come as no surprise that I accidentally found a new show this past weekend that stars a couple of local guys - kinda.

The show is called Boise Boys and features two guys who (you guessed it) are renovating homes around Boise. Here's the HGTV description from the official show page.

While refined designer Luke likes to reach for the stars, rugged contractor Clint remains focused on their bottom line.

What this means is Luke wants to do stuff to a house and Clint tells him no. Granted, that's an oversimplification, but you get the idea.

The show debuted this past Sunday morning, May 21 around 11 am.

So far, there's only the pilot episode of Boise Boys that's aired on HGTV. I thought the show was entertaining and somewhat unique from the other home improvement shows. I'm not objective since I squealed like a little kid every time I saw a Boise street that I had driven on. But, always cool to see some of our local peeps hit the big time.

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