Almost everyone has met a good dog throughout their life, loyal and loving to their owners. Rosco the Boise Police K9 is that and so much more. He has been serving and protecting the citizens of Boise for the past five years and it's time for him to enjoy his retirement.

The information was relayed about Rosco through the Boise Police K9 Facebook page about Rosco's years of service coming to an end. Rosco came to Boise from the Netherlands at the age of 3.

Rosco assisted with so many things while working for the Boise Police Department including taking harmful drugs off the streets and apprehending criminals. He was also very well behaved when he was working with his partner doing demonstrations for community groups around Boise.

The best news is that Rosco will be enjoying his retirement with his partner, Officer Wirshing and his family. We were lucky to have such a tremendous K9 looking over the city of Boise for so many years. We are wishing nothing but belly scratches and treats throughout his retirement.

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