A Boise State University fraternity has been suspended for four years over continuous violations of school conduct. Heavy alcohol use continues to be a major problem on college campuses across the United States and is at the root of this most recent decision by BSU administrators.

I attended a college known for its parties and drunken clashes with city police. My Alma mater was regarded as the top party college in the country for many years in the nineties but had toned down a great deal by the time I graduated in 2005.

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Alpha Kappa Lambda will not be able to apply for reinstatement at Boise State University until 2027, according to details provided by KTVB. Repeated campus infractions from AKL stemming from hazing rituals is what resulted in the punishment. At least one student had to be taken to the hospital with alcohol poisoning during a recent violation, according to KTVB.

Hazing, which basically amounts to Freshman harassment by the upperclassmen, is carried out in many different ways. Drinking, vandalism, public embarrassment, and other methods of hazing are carried out on college campuses every year, and some students have lost their lives because of it.

Since 2000, more than 100 students have died due to a hazing-related ritual in the U.S., according to the Gordie Center. Alcohol poisoning occurs when a person consumes an amount of alcohol that causes blackouts resulting in too much alcohol in the bloodstream. Brain function, breathing, and heart rate are all at risk when an unhealthy amount of alcohol is consumed.

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