We were talking today at the radio station about all the construction happening around Twin Falls. There is a boom happening, and it isn't really fair because there are still so many cool old buildings I haven't seen yet. One of those just popped up on my social feed, it's a charming castle-like house that you can rent for reunions, visiting guests so they aren't in your house, or for you when you need to stay close but feel like you got away.

Twin Falls Vista Cliff House On Vrbo

Charming Storybook Castle Vrbo Rental

The castle house touts a stunning view of the canyon and close proximity to the walking/biking trail.

I'll admit that normally I look at vacation rentals on Airbnb, but I've seen a lot of commercials for Vrbo. I just haven't ever looked on their site until today. On Facebook, someone posted that they had just stayed in this vacation rental on the canyon and that it was amazing. It's just an added perk that to looks like a castle.

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Twin Falls Vrbo Rental On The Canyon Rim

The castle house touts a stunning view of the canyon and close proximity to the walking/biking trail. In the rental post, they call it a 'storybook house on the rim of the Snake River Canyon'. Based on the pictures, I'd say they are right. The house looks charming and modern.

It has room for six people to sleep in three bedrooms. There are also three bathrooms which should cut down on fights over access to the shower and toilets. To rent the house is $258 per night on average, and that price can vary depending on when you choose to book.

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