Note to self: If you're only carrying a bow, do not try and get the attention of a black bear. It's entirely possible that encounter would not have a happy ending like this hunter who was charged by a black bear and lived to tell about it.

Richard Wesley shared this video from a spring hunt. As it begins, you can barely see a dark image faintly off in the distance. It becomes obvious that what he's seeing is indeed a bear.

Editorial comment: It's at this point where I would have started slowly backing away trying to not draw the bear's attention while also getting the heck out of Dodge.

Once the bear rears up on its hind legs, this hunter realizes he's likely in mammoth trouble. It doesn't take long before the bear is in a full-on charge and the hunter starts making intimidating sounds.

The bear isn't buying it.

It's one short leap over a downed tree and the bear appears to bite the hunter's bow and knock him down. Then, the video goes silent until the hunter picks the camera back up after the bear is gone.

Note: the hunter says a few saucy words near the end, which is understandable considering how close he came to dying.

It's another reminder of how important it is to be aware when you're in the mountains or forest. If you're in bear country, this kind of encounter can end in tragedy. Make sure you're educated about how to be safe when you go adventuring where bears make their home.

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