Hey man, wanna buy some ‘Breaking Bad‘ meth? OK, let’s clarify before the DEA comes busting down our door. Do you want to buy what they use as meth on ‘Breaking Bad?’ Now you can, via a local Albuquerque, New Mexico candy shop.

‘Breaking Bad’ films in Albuquerque and since the show started, they’ve used local candy shop The Candy Lady to make their trademark blue meth for the show. It’s actually just blue rock candy but after the show took off in popularity and David Letterman even sampled some of her candy on ‘The Late Show,’ she decided it was time to make her meth candy available to the public.

The Candy Lady (aka Debbie Hall) tells the Washington Post she’s sold 300 bags of the stuff since making it available last month. And if you really need a sugar fix, a local donut shop has taken Debbie’s candy and crumbled on top of a glazed donut for a Blue Sky Breaking Bad variety. That sounds like it’s a little much to us, but what do we know.

If you want to order some Blue Sky meth for yourself, head over to The Candy Lady where you can order 5 packets for $5 (and as the site warns, the product is not recommended for children).

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